Project Electricity Generation

There is an urgent need: to supply a progressive and practical solution for the millions of human beings located in many countries that do not have easy access to electricity. It is possible nowadays, to generate, locally and for all practical purpose, electrical energy at a very modest cost. Nikola Tesla, the precursor in that domain, was saying that “electricity is everywhere” and he added “we can collect it anywhere”. This caused him some opposition from the business enterprises of his time who had the goal of building all over the world the Grids that would distribute electricity, and they did not have the intention of distributing it for free. It is necessary that in these developing countries, energy be available at a price that will not gouge the budgets of these countries and families. There exist some technological applications that demonstrated that we could generate impressive amounts of electrical energy at a very reasonable and accessible cost. These technological applications allow us to approach all forms of electrical generation and distribution, for industries, but also for individual consumption, and for communities of different sizes. It is necessary for our social stability that individuals in every society have access to this essential form of energy to satisfy their fundamental daily needs in sanitation and food preservation.

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