Products for health rare solutions, rare solutions

We all had the painful experience with parents or a friend suffering from an illness.

Where can be found the remedy, the plant, the extract or the formula “in the world” to bring relief or healing in a natural way, without toxicity, or if it is a case, knowing the causes?

Every created illnesses have a remedy! And every persons have his cure! Mother nature does not cause pathology without submitting the solution through foods (meals), minerals, vitamins, etc.

A natural pathology or created by our society is automatically resolved by one or several persons around the world who receive inspiration for it.

But where can we find it?

We propose to create a database, step by step, for various remedies to maintain a good health and to overcome different alimentary deficiencies created by our society and our lifestyle. This imbalances are caused by an ever increasing industrial production, colorants, stabilizers, chemical fertilizers, genetic modifications – our identity, both physical (immune) and spiritual, cannot be recognized any more.

We are grouping (Fulmina Distri) remedies already known, rare or forgotten, but always  of high quality and we indicate the historic origin of the product, as well as the known contraindications and the efficiency to be expected.
The products are manufactured by industrial or artisan companies searching for the perfect matter to use and for the manufacturing method to ensure high-quality products.

We will also propose other products, today rare or exceptional, having kept their intrinsic properties such as essences, oils, perfumes, incenses, herbs and rare extracts. These products are for the longevity and the protection of our health heritage, but have also healing properties of great efficiency within a large spectrum.

The first selected products, a large range, are coming form Asia. Those are the result of an old knowledge or formula of the preventive and curative popular medicine, jealously guarded and protected, but available today and manufactured by pharmaceutical standards in food supplements.

Through this project you surely will be able to find the product for your health, your well-being, and you will be sure that this approach will allow to help many people and to preserve and publicize this diversity of products existing in the world.