Price for 20 generators for Fulmina projects

Price for 20 generators for Fulmina projects

20 “Magnetronics TM” magnetic motors (special order for pre-production)

“Venturi’s Standard Generator” member partner with Fulmina is a manufacturer of inverter generators designed for a prime power source with 30 kWh units that are supplied with 10 separate outputs for independent connections; they can be used either separately or configured in any configuration.

  1. The design of the converter means that the rotation per minute (RPM) is not necessarily fixed.
  2. 10 independent outputs of different voltages and amps.
  3. Can operate in harsh environments without producing any spark for safe operation. They are suitable for individual house, for groups of dwellings (village), for hospitals and for industrial use. It is under consideration today for a power plant for a provincial town.

The control devices (aerostats) have variable frequencies offering a maximum of flexibility at the frequency of voltage and offer different power options. Several modules are available for different tensions and voltages. The modules are easily field-changeable and can be configured in any configuration.

Each unit of 30 kWh with 10 modules can accommodate different combinations in 12 volts, 24 volts, 120 volts, 240 volts and 500 volts and other modules on special order are available for other voltages. The modules can be combined in parallel for increased current or in sequence for increased voltages.

These advantages make our generator platform exceptional.

Our series of generators are delivered in sizes from 15 kWh to 300 kWh, with common parts and modules.

Fulmina Pre-Production & Assembly Prices

The start-up financing (pre-production) for twenty (20) magnetic motors, each one included ten modules (10) with two stators with a power of 30kw/h is estimated at USD 1,500,000. Future production will give a reduction of approximately 70%.

For more information, check tab “Technology” and then “The magnetic engine, a free energy technology”.