Preparation of Peptides, Regeneration of the body, Epitalamin : Lapis Ostra

A = Alamine – E = glutamic acid – D = aspartic acid – G = glycine


Texts made in April 2015

The A.E.D.G. is composed of a set of amino acids extracted from thymus and pineal, an “ Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly “ tetrapeptide bioregulator and regenerator of human body cellular degeneration .
The following corresponds to multiple researches and clinical studies conducted by Professor Vladimir Khavinson and it’s international multidisciplinary team.

The original english text if from Professor Vladimir Khavinson and also his team as well as the explanatory information of supplements inserted in the text for a better understanding to the public was made by the “Fulmina Human Resources” foundation, and , informative and necessary supplements extracts were taken mostly from the Wikipedia foundation we thank.

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Peptide regulation of ageing


For many years a phenomenon of ageing had been studied within the framework of ethics and social issues. Only in the last century the society realized that a process of ageing should be studied from a different viewpoint, that is, as a special physiologic mechanism bearing a certain evolutionary significance.

Ageing is the most complicate issue in medicine and biology. The process of ageing is a gradual involution of tissues and development of organism malfunctioning. Its symptoms appear already at the end of the reproductive period and become more pronounced with ageing.

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