Our Health Philosophy

Our Health Philosophy

We have all lived the experience of having known a parent, a friend, touched by an illness.

Where can we find, the medicine, the plant, the extract of a certain formula « anywhere in the world» that would bring a natural relief if not a cure, without any toxicity, and when it is the case with full knowledge about that formula?

Every single created illnesses possess their remedy. Mother Nature does not create physical disharmony without having first submitted to our attention a solution, coming either from our food, plants, minerals, vitamins, etc.

We propose to put at disposition, on the one case after the other basis, different solutions to keep us healthy in order to compensate the different feeding deficiencies generated by the modern way of life of our societies. Disequilibrium generated by a growing industrialized food chain production, with food coloring, stabilizers, fertilizers, genetically engineered molecules and so on, to the point that our identity, be it physical (immune wise) as well as spiritual, cannot recognize.

Fulmina Distri has regrouped already well known remedies, rare or forgotten, but still and always of very high quality. These products are being manufactured by skilled craftsmen or industrial corporations still thriving to attain a high level of perfection on the original raw materials, on the process of fabrication, that will guarantee the highest quality of product.

We propose also, other rare or exceptional products, by the fact that they conserve their original intrinsic properties like their essences, oils, perfumes, incents, aromates and rare extracts. Products aimed at longevity and the protection of our health patrimony, that present also a high degree of efficiency with a wide spectrum.

The first products we have selected are the result of ancient knowledge, formulas coming directly from preventive medicine and jealously preserved and protected popular culture, available to this day and manufactured to the norms of pharmaceutical industry in the form of food supplement.

Thanks to this project, you will surely find a product for your own health, your well-being, and you can be assured that this approach will permit to help numerous people, but also will preserve and contribute to the distribution of this knowledge and diversity of still existing products in the world.

We started this project with a range of health products based on the regeneration of the organism. We consider that all regeneration is the essential basis for the general functioning of our body functions. Regeneration allows to maintain all the vital organs and all our physical functions, even in old age.
Our project is
either a partnership, or acquisition or construction of a laboratory dedicated the analysis, the quality control and the certification of the products in Switzerland to guarantee the highest quality , to provide a range of health products for individuals and also humanitarian foundations.

If you are interested in this project, contact the Fulmina Foundation.