Nexxus Project – Radioactive decontamination –

Daiichi Fukushima nuclear plant has reached a critical stage, and needs attention and immediate action by a set of irrevocable technology solutions.

The nuclear fuel rods of three reactors have melted, releasing the nuclear melted rods in fusion, while releasing temperatures of over 5000 ° C, leading to the “Chinese syndrome”. In other words, the melt has pierced all that could be, including container vessels the first and second level are the protection enclosing the reactors.

It was discovered in October 2013, that the heart of Units 1, 2 and 3, had tragically disappeared! Our information shows that each of the molten hearts has all gone through including the first layer of the Earth’s crust (made up of sand and rocks). The fusion reactor has penetrated to ground water which are then discharged into the Pacific Ocean.

The first level of analysis shows that some of this fragmented heart has found its way into the ocean trench of Japan at depths of 23.176 feet, or 4.3 miles deep.

Nexxus Project – Radioactive decontamination – (full version)