Micronizing Lyophilized Fruits to Extract Peptides, A complex of Fruit Vitamins

Scientific Director

Professor Guy Montpetit

Director of Operations

Eng. Felizardo Q. Cabrillos


The Philippines, like many other Asian Countries, supplies a very large quantity of natural organic fruits that are NON GMOs. Unfortunately, these fruits are often abandoned because they cannot be transported in conditions that they will be conserved. A large proportion of the local population is also suffering from lack of jobs. Our project consists in supplying a simple kind of work, not onerous in infrastructures, that will permit these populations to receive a salary that will allow them to be living with their families.

Micronization of Lyophilized Fruits in order to Extract Peptides

Complex of Fruit Vitamins NON GMO

To come-up with the high quality powdered organic fruits in the Philippines, all factors must be considered and evaluated, such as: 1) Year-round supply of certified organic fruits; 2) Chosen workers starting from buying stations down to the processing plants; 3) Land transport services providers; 4) An organization for export; 5) A quality process for lyophilizing and micronizing at low temperatures; 6) Location of farms and processing plant; 7) Administration; 8) Management.

Year-round Supply of Certified Organic Fruits Though Contract-Growers

The Company insured its access to a production of certified organic fruits. Contractors have their respective options as to means in providing to the Company the volume as stipulated in their respective contract. Table No. 1 is the list of fruits commonly seen in the Philippines. Figure 1 reflects the flow of certified organic fruits (SEE Fig. 1).

Micronizing Lyophilized Fruits to Extract Peptides, A complex of Fruit Vitamins (full version)