Intestinal Biotic Bio-Regulator Complex Eukaryotes extracted from roots : Lapis Pro

This narrative was written by “Fulmina Human Resources Foundation.”  Some of the explanations for the scientific and medical terms are excerpts of the Wikipedia Foundation to whom we wish to give credit.

Our intestine has an extraordinary and incredible set of functions. It contains almost one hundred billion micro-organisms : ten times more than the number of cells of our organism !

The length of the intestine measures from 7 to 8 meters. The surface of the intestinal mucosa is approximately 300 to 400 square meters and it represents the largest absorption and exchange surface of the human body which is the basis of our immune defences and the energetic physical and cerebral potential.

The scientific world discovered since a few years that our intestine must be maintained in good health and that the intestinal flora is indispensable to the good functioning of our digestive system. The  assi-milation of the different nutrients that contain amino acids, vitamins, mineral salts, etc…are all neces-sary for the maintenance of our cellular and organic survival. With aging, our intestine accumulates toxins, heavy metals, and grows adhesions and polyps, and the mucosa walls become thinner. They become more sensitive to the different toxic particles and their capacity to assimilate is diminishing. The PH balance is unstable and the enzymatic exchanges diminish. The intestinal biotic bio-regulators extracted from different roots, will regulate these deficiencies.

Caused by the advances in metagenomics, we have discovered the role of multiple organisms prokaryotes, bacteria, viruses and eukaryotes that are at the origin of the evolutive chain of our life and that we find today in our intestines. The later need to be respected, nourished and regenerated since it is the source of a good metabolism, a good health, a good immunity, a good nervous system, therefore by the effects of stress regulation, of a good digestion of fats, sugars, etc… Its bad functioning is pro-voking allergies (skin illnesses), inflammatory illnesses, all kinds of disequilibrium, organic and cellular degeneration.

These complex of intestinal biotic bio-regulators from vegetal origin that are constituted of euka-ryotes, are issued from new fundamental applied research in meta genomic. These biotic bio-regulators permit a natural relaunch our immune system without the addition of pre-biotics nor pro-biotics.

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