Impact Media Group

Mission Statement

IMPACT MEDIA GROUP has been founded by experienced Finance and Film Industry savvy Principals and is a Virtual Studio that will acquire, create, finance, develop, produce and co-produce original A-List Entertainment content in all media, with Studio Level Global distribution, through all channels worldwide.

IMPACT MEDIA GROUP is designed to bring Global audiences to the top tier of Hollywood film producing combined with the very best of China resources in creativity, talent, investment, production and distribution for Joint China-US Productions.

IMPACT MEDIA GROUP has created an entity that can successfully service all aspects of the very best of film making that can be achieved by Joint-Venture China-US Co-Productions, thereby ensuring a Partnership of the highest of standards to ensure success.

IMPACT MEDIA GROUP will work closely with its China partners to select Joint-Venture projects that will enjoy the highest success potential, while at the same time maintain its own extremely high standard of film production outside of China.

Our initial focus will be on our joint venture China-US production but without effecting our Global reach.

It is the ultimate goal of Impact Media Group (IMG) to become a leading and major Studio force in the Global Film Industry. Many of the leading Film companies and Studios have expressed their wishes to be involved with Impact Media Group as they realize the potential that IMG provides with its film projects and Industry relationships, specifically with the Talent Agencies and A-List actors and actresses, as is evident from our current slate of films.
In China, our partners include such major influential entities as The China Film Group, Wanda Media Group, Huaxia Distribution Company, Alibaba Pictures, Yongchang Media Ltd, Stella Film Corporation, China Gansu Highway, China August Army Film Studios and The Yasheng Group in Gansu, to name a few.
IMG’s Global reach has given us strategic partnerships already with Studios in Thailand, The Philippines, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Mongolia, Singapore and India where we have the ability to enter into joint ventures and co-productions on selected potentially successful film projects. Our influence will expand as we develop these relationships and enable us to reach our goal of being a Global Empire with our business.
Our relationships include : THAILAND: Golden Sun Productions, Moon Star Studios, Gateway Digital/Technicolor and DM Commercial VFX. INDIA: Golden Sun Pictures, Jack Rajaseka Productions. FRANCE: XD Productions/ Cyberdome Studios. ITALY: Rebel Alliance Studios VFX, Resurrection Studios. MONGOLIA: Mongolia Film Council and Education and Cultural Ministry. SINGAPORE: Journey 2 Studios, Mystery Island Productions. KOREA: C.J. Group. UNITED KINGDOM: Pinewood Studios. PHILIPPINES: Sanre Entertainment Group.

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