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All over the world, either from man made catastrophes like local wars, or natural catastrophes like tsunamis, flooding, earthquakes, very large portions of a population loose all their natural support to maintain the dignity of their daily lives, and need to be rescued and provided with all what is elementary to human condition survival.

When you put together hundreds of thousands of people in a single environment and you create a situation where these people feel they are treated like animals because the conditions of survival are almost equivalent to take away their humanity, and reduce them to minimal hope of regaining a home or an education to become again independent – you are bound to create again situations that will come back to bite even the benefactor.

The experience of the Bosnia and Herzegovina crisis was rich in teaching everyone some eternal lessons, one in particular is that you don’t put people in TENTS. Tents are temporary lodging portable facilities but do not constitute a home. In fact, the international humanitarian organization want the tents to remind the refugees that they are not HOME. And yes, those refugee camps have a tendency to last for decades or more, see for example the Palestinian crisis – where people have lived in refugee camps for more than 50 years. So, let’s find genuine ways of preparing housing facilities that can be put up in a few days by the same people who will use them. From our newly designed factory it will only take 18 minutes to manufacture one new home, with a cost of just a few thousand dollars which will provide people with the sense of dignity necessary to life.

Here are some models of these houses, and we can organize a facility that could manufacture 500 houses every day. This kind of factory can be reproduced in a short matter of time and procure the millions of houses that will become necessary if – as we can predict – our own planet would go through some very difficult moments.

Parallel technologies, NECESSARY FOR A SUSTAINABLE LIVING, like agriculture, cooling, water treatment, free electricity generation are also described in this document.

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