• Steven A. Rock

    OBJECTIVE Senior Executive with energetic leadership, innovative and strategic thinking to produce high performance teams, sustainable growth and profitability. PROFESSIONNAL PROFILE Over 33 years professional experience in highly technical work environments, accountable for strategic planning and execution, and demonstrated business leadership including profitability and growth of business, innovative solutions with Read more [...]

  • Yves Gagnon

    Career Objectives Creation and Conception of Eco-Society projects. Ecological, Humanitarian and entirely Autonomous. Conception of Eco-Responsible villages establishing the basis of a New Society founded on the reconciliation of Man and Nature, as well as a space that will bring a contribution to the well-being of Humans. These self-sufficient villages Read more [...]

  • Richard K. Wood

    Engineer in Process Control From an early age, technology and its advancement have been my passion. History tells us technology has shaped mankind to its greater potential. I like to contribute to the advancement of technology for the betterment of life particularly in poorer areas of the world. It began Read more [...]

  • Madeleine Vallée

    Humanization of birth by A benevolent welcoming of the newborn My life’s work Jurist by formation, I spent an important portion of my career in the field of communication, journalism and marketing. In the last fifteen (15) years I devoted my life for a subject that became a passion, the Read more [...]

  • Helen Martin Harman

    Here is a summary of my most valued achievements: Having been raised in a Mennonite community I was taught how to be self-sufficient regarding growing food, canning, freezing food for winter, sewing clothing for self and others, refinished furniture, upholstery work. This is preparation for living in a world in Read more [...]

  • Felizardo Q. Cabrillos

    FELIZARDO Q. CABRILLOS Fulmina Human Resources Foundation EDUCATION College Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Graduated) Cebu Institute of Technology Cebu City, Philippines Bachelor of Science of Electrical Engineering (1st Year- 3rd Year) Cebu Institute of Technology Cebu City, Philippines Bachelor of Theology (Graduated) Mindanao Bible College Baloy, Tablon, Cagayan Read more [...]

  • Denis L. Palmer

    In school from my earliest years I discovered errors in what was being taught, those errors created a desire to determine what is correct. Over many years of experimenting and research, lead me to a discovery of magnetic properties and how to use them to our advantage. The first example Read more [...]

  • David B. Nixon

    DETAILED EMPLOYMENT DESCRIPTION My first employment of note was with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce which was, and still is, the second largest bank in Canada which I started after various summer jobs in the financial area. This was an excellent/practical education experience for my future endevours in the Read more [...]

  • Ben Mangina

    The following is a list of my best accomplishments: 1963-67 At age 19 I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and am a U.S.M.C Vietnam Veteran. 1972 South Texas Nuclear Power Plant investigation; surface and subsurface investigations. 1973-74 Washington Power Supply (WPPS) Field Office Manager-Engineering Assistant for Nuclear Power Read more [...]