• Jerzy Babkowski

    Jerzy Babkowski was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1955. He moved to Canada in 1961 to receive a “Western” education. Mr. Babkowski chose at an early age to immerse himself in practical real life education rather than follow the rigid academic educational regime in his 2nd year, but only after Read more [...]

  • Maksim Vashkevich

    Advisor Public relations Management Commercial organizations Art : cinema, music Countries : Russia and 15 former Republics of USSR

  • Robert P. Nikolaev

    Scientific biography Corresponding member of a specific Russian academy of sciences, a scientific degree in the field of systems engineering. Author and co-writer of more than seven thousand scientific works and about two hundred inventions. He led several specialized state scientific and research institutes in the field of automated control Read more [...]

  • Leonid A. Bondarev

    Scientific biography Academic degree in radio physics, including quantum radio physics. Degree in optics. Academic title of Associate professor in field of “Theory of electromagnetic field and creation of microwave devices”. Author of more than fifty publications, more than thirty inventions with author’s certificate or patent. For a long time Read more [...]

  • Nexxus environmental Corporation

    Nexxus Environmental Corporation is a specialty environmental company which deals with major environmental problems or projects to bring change, clarity, and cleanliness and balance through advanced remediation technologies and systems, so that that environmentally safer products can come forward.  Nexxus is helping to spur real change and real improvement in Read more [...]

  • Stephan Randal Venczel

    Fulmina Human Resources Foundation Accomplishments Successfully provided management and marketing oversight in a number of high technology companies in the realm of green energy, software development, telecommunications, fractal data compression and environmental technologies which deal with waste recovery and conversion. Designer and IP holder of “Platoids™”; a low-profile domed housing Read more [...]

  • Raymond T. Langcaster

    FULMINA HUMAN RESOURCES EDUCATION (Highest Level): MBA – Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio USA EMPLOYMENT HIGHLIGHTS/OVERVIEW Professional Athlete: Canadian Football League 4 years. Post athletic days: joined the Royal Bank of Canada in Montreal Canada as part of the formation of a team of specialists, targeting real estate acquisitions, on a Read more [...]