• Professor Guy Montpetit

    Scientific Director and Research Master of the Academy of Fulmina Human Resources Foundation Member of the Board of Directors Petition for the granting of two Master Patents related to a fundamental discovery that led to the modification of knowledge of the official science on the molecular structure and polarization of Read more [...]

  • Cecil B. (Scott) Jones

    Summary Dr. Jones is founder and president of the Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth. The principal function of P.E.A.C.E. is to oversee the development of the global Center for Sustainable Peace and Development system. Previous to this he was co-founder and president of the Human Potential Foundation. This Read more [...]

  • Dr. André Paradis, MD,

    Until now, I wished that I could SOMETIMES cure people, OFTEN bring relief, but AT ALL TIME be present and listen to others. Now, with the new perspectives offered by Fulmina Human Resources Foundation, I wish that I will be OFTEN be able to cure people, bring relief MORE OFTEN, Read more [...]