A Fundamentally New Air Screw – by L.A. Bondarev

A fundamentally new air screw

As result of a large volume of research works carried out in the 1990s, the author of this technology created holographic devices and installations of nondestructive interferometric control and measurements. These units allowed to study the forms of oscillations of turbine blades propulsion and attracted interest in the studying of existing and the creation of new propulsion devices for means of spatial movement.

Research conducted by the author for eighteen years led to the development and creation of a fundamentally new design of the propeller blade and the air screw itself. Patents on inventions have been obtained. The developed screw design allows up to four times increased traction compared to analogues. By creating a cumulative effect by the new screw, it is possible to increase the flow rate generated by this screw up to and beyond the one of the sound. This screw is intended for use on manned and unmanned vehicles in air, water and near the ground areas, as well as blower in fan and compressor systems.

In terms of construction the new screw has not three blades with thickenings and narrowings for streamlining like a classic screw, but is made in form of a cone of eight blades. The base of each blade is a half of the Relo Triangle which is bent in a specific way.

A Fundamentally New Air Screw – by L.A. Bondarev (full version)