Fulmina Foundation – introduction –

The Academic Council of the Foundation is in charge of

international human resources, made available to humanity, for its progressive, humanitarian and various emergencies needing its intervention: poverty, famine, natural or human made disasters, etc.

For an effective and joint action, the Foundation will provide

the necessary means to gather under a unique roof, the resources (separate elements) to recruit multiple tips or sides of the global evolution that is the knowledge of mankind, taking as a primary factor what characterizes the life, its right and respect, the consideration that we bring towards a fact judged as good, just and true, with the concern not to infringe it.

The foundation aims to bring together

writers, poets, workers, artisans, scientists, engineers, painters, sculptors, researchers and musicians; the foundation intends to boost any useful initiative regarding development and betterment of education and culture; the Academy means to develop information and records that may be of interest to general education and the awakening of the global civic values for all modern broadcasting and distribution media.

FHR Foundation wishes to express its global and humanitarian vocation

with the intention to promote an ecumenical, inter-denominational, apolitical and supranational unity. It intends to achieve the promotion of moral and material improvement, support general human culture, raise the level of individual consciences, encourage specific progress of peoples, societies and nations, and open out the concepts of the Beautiful, the True, the Good, the Just, the Useful and Pleasant, pursuing a quest for wisdom in connection with the imperishable values, eternal and universal, encourage healthy competition in artistic creation, scientific research, philosophical speculation, metaphysical reflection and mystical meditation.

The foundation aims to promote

literary, artistic, scientific, philosophical and religious cultural exchanges, in the noble intention of promoting the brotherhood of nations and peoples.

The foundation intends to fight against

all forms of injustice worldwide, because injustice is the mother of all violence; it intends to support all projects along the lines of previous formulations, that is to say, affecting various areas of Science, Medicine, Culture, Education, Environment, Agriculture, Industry and Social: life and everything that contributes to the creative development of its protection .