Fulmina Finance

To develop projects for foundations, associations, companies and individuals.

The purpose of Fulmina Finance is to serve all foundations, associations, companies and private investors. Fulmina Finance is pleased to collaborate with private and financial institutions and to provide investment and financial programs on short or long term for the financing, development and support of projects within nine sectors of activity:

  • Science: its universal character
  • Medicine: art of preserving and restoring human health
  • Culture: evolutionary cause and consequence of progress
  • Education: system of continuation, development and enrichment of the culture
  • Environment: its multifaceted aspects
  • Agriculture: food, basis of physical civilization and progress
  • Industry: technology and creativity for human beings
  • Social condition: harmonious organization of society
  • Protection of life: existence as a criterion of action

The profits generated are distributed equitably for the projects of the owners of assets and for the realization of projects within the nine sectors of Fulmina Finance.

Fulmina Finance provides also reflections, logistical supports and technical expertises to everybody who wish to participate in the creation and support of projects providing solution of development, stability and employment for a respectful society.