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Fulmina Human Resources

The Archeometer: Key to All the Religions and All Sciences of Antiquity; Synthetic Reformation of All Contemporary Arts

"What has essentially been revealed to me, was the possibility to have access to different types of truth, complementary knowledge, old and new"
Prof. Guy Montpetit
Guest Researcher (1969 - 1986), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Logo Project

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Human Resources

A set of solutions to answer problems of a new world. We help you to solve specific development related issues to help yourself and your organization.


Our foundation stands for values and commitments, for the good and the truth. Know more about our objectives and consult our section “Foundation”.


Where can be found remedies, plants, extracts or formulas to bring relief or healing in a natural way, without toxicity, or if it is a case, knowing the causes? We create a database of various solutions for your health.


Techniques, skills, methods and processes to better assist you for the challenges and problems of the world of today.

Protection of life, existence as a criterion of action


Its universal character


Evolutionary cause and consequence of progress


Its multifaceted aspects


Technology and creativity for human beings


Art of preserving and restoring human health


System of continuation, development and enrichment of culture


Food, basis of physical civilization and progress


Harmonious organization of society